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Frequently Asked Questions

for Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning 

Do you remove spots and stains?

  - We remove spots and stains such as candle wax, oil, red wine, juice, food, make-up, paint, chewing gum, 
and anything stuck in your carpet or furniture fabric is unwanted. We use chemicals that will make it possible to loosen every tougher stain by lifting it to the surface and breaking its particles apart. Our experienced technicians will remove most of the stubborn stains. Unfortunately, some of the stains may be caused by strong substances, which cause permanent damage. We do not guarantee that all stains can be completely erased by a cleaning treatment they may need redyeing fiber/fabric service.

Do you remove odors?

  - Our advanced odor control chemicals will remove all unwanted odors and will refresh with ingredients and fragrances specially created for your carpets and furniture, high-quality perfumes with the brand NJORD, leaving your whole home to smell great. We not only clean stains but also remove their odors.

How long takes it to dry?

  - Once the treatment is finished, we will just have to let it dry completely for at least 2-5 hours, depending on whether it is a natural or synthetic material. We can speed up the drying process with our powerful turbo dryers. It is very important that the fabric is completely dry before your regular walks on it or sit. This will preserve the cleaning effect and avoid leaving stains on the fabric. The quick-drying process is just as important as the cleaning part, especially for natural fibers and fabrics, to avoid browning and bad smell.

How long the cleaning takes?

  - Duration of every cleaning procedure, as well as our pricing policy, depend on specific home conditions and requirements. For more details, please contact us.

Can you protect our carpets and upholstery for future spillage incidents?

  - We can protect your home in the long term with Scotch Guard. If you haven’t heard of it, this is a professional product used to sustain maximum life. It works as a transparent shield against dirt and bacteria. Scotch Guard is water-resistant, so it will protect from staining, but won't completely keep spills from a plenty amount penetrating the surface. The product doesn’t affect the look or feel of the fabric and fiber.

Do your services harm the planet? 

  - We take care of the environment by using eco-friendly products. We have adopted green cleaning methods in order to provide services of high quality. Our eco-friendly products are all safe to be used in the environment with pets, children, and even allergic fellows. These eco-friendly products give off no toxic fumes and don't have any ingredients that can cause harm. This makes them perfect to keep the household safe and your guests or customers (if it is a public place). As the safety of your customers and loved ones is important, we will always make a final inspection to be sure it is perfectly clear. We provide all of these products at no extra charge.